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UPDATE:  June 2012
We're sorry to share the news that Adobe has decided to discontinue education pricing for Adobe Visual Communicator software.  As a result, the Getting Started Package that we promoted is no longer available.  
Adobe still offers Visual Communicator at full retail price of $399.  

We hope that you contact Adobe and leave comments on this decision, and let them know that you'd like to see an updated version of Adobe Visual Communicator.  We suggest you use twitter and publically tweet your request to their twitter account @AdobeMktgCloud which hopefully will result in a positive response.  Remember, they won't act unless many users express their thoughts!

We are interested in developing an iPad iOS app that can produce live greenscreened newscasts with a teleprompter and wizards to get you up and running quick.  Please contact us if you have any suggestions or partnership ideas for creating an iOS app that would fit this need. 

Also consider joining our google group at to stay in the loop!


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